Kimi is a featured speaker —

at festivals and conferences around the world, including Cannes Lions, Microsoft, Best Global Brands, Aspen Ideas Festival, Sundance and World Forum Disrupt

Speaking Topic 1

From Stigma to Super Skills

The moment I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, my instinct was to hide. For twenty years I kept it a deep secret in fear of being judged and rejected.

IIn this talk, I share my experience as a woman living with bipolar disorder who learned how to overcome the stigma of a mental illness label, and claim the inner strengths and talents that I now embrace – creativity, productivity, empathy and compassion. These are the words I use to define myself now. These are my Super Skills.

A lifelong journalist and producer of other people’s tales of bravery and resilience, this is my opportunity to give audiences inspiration to discover their own Super Skills, step into their untapped potential and squeeze the most out of life.

Speaking Topic 2

The power of story

The power of story is the centerpiece of my personal and professional life.


IIn this talk, I take the audience through my journey as a television and film producer,  podcast host, writer and storyteller. I describe some of the most compelling and unexpected stories I discovered over the years – often when I was looking for something else entirely.

The biggest stories are often hidden in the smallest places. They live in the walls of our homes, companies, classrooms and souls. Discovering and sharing them changes the way we think about ourselves and the world around us. 

Speaking Testimonials

Kimi’s gifted storytelling earned a standing ovation from a fickle crowd.

Ben Murphy, Salesmanship Club of Dallas

There is a reason Kimi appears on stage alongside some of the biggest brands of our time; JP Morgan Chase, IMG and Amazon Studios. She doesn’t give speeches, she shares human stories that really matter and its breath of fresh air for her audiences.

Lindsay Morris, Media Consultant & Talent Programmer

Kimi showed us how you can  turn your weaknesses into your strengths, and how every human interaction has the opportunity to be a defining moment.

Riv Hamilton, Griffin Club LA

From hearing her adventures traveling with Oprah to funny and moving anecdotes about the power of storytelling, our audience responded to her warm and inviting energy.

Kate Baxter, Step Up Network

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