We see
your pain.
we see
your magic.

You’re not alone, join us.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of emotional health and well-being, we want to inspire, support and help you on your journey. 

We know it’s an uneven path—we’ve walked it ourselves. 

We believe you have the inner wisdom and strength to move toward who you want to be by discovering the magic inside your pain. The light within your shadows.  

We invite you to honor the tough stuff… and then step into the possibility that your painful and difficult moments are often your greatest teachers.

Your limitless gifts thrive in unexpected places.


Anxiety created...

analysis and careful consideration

Depression taught you….

compassion and empathy

Infertility showed you….

how to surrender timelines

Cancer gave you…

fortitude and perspective

Bipolar waves taught you…

how to ebb and flow

Through life-changing conversations and interactions, we transform the perceptions, understanding and language of mental and emotional health. We help people create meaningful connections, foster rich relationships, and enjoy a deep and powerful human experience, on every level.

If you’re hiding in the shadows of your own painful story, we want to be your path of light. 

Let’s shift mindsets and release limitations about who you are and what you can create and contribute. 

By illuminating the diversity and beauty of our mental landscapes, we hope to free those who feel trapped, hindered, cut off from their potential.

we created
a podcast —

to inspire you with stories of hope and possibility.

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