is the world’s first one for one podcast. Each episode, we donate $2000 to charities around the world.  We believe adversity leads to wisdom and that a good story can change lives. From dramatic stories of survival, the realities of life when facing death, and lessons and loss and love, our goal is to entertain, educate and inspire. 


All The Wiser was ranked as a Bello Collective “Top 100 Podcasts in 2020,” and featured on the Apple Podcast Homepage twice under “Shows we Love” and “Podcasts to Be a Better You.” The podcast has been ranked in the Top 50 Society and Culture Podcast on iTunes.


Tell everyone to listen to this podcast. It is worth your time and it will improve you AND the world. Just brilliant!

“My favorite part of Wednesday’s”

It’s the best way to start the day and a great testament to the human spirit. Kimi’s voice and interview style are both comforting and thought-provoking. Kudos to the entire All the Wiser team – so well done! Thank you for sharing these powerful stories with us.


This is my favorite podcast. The stories are fascinating and inspirational, and Kimi is a gifted interviewer. She has kept me going.

“Pure Treasure”

Raw, fascinating, personal … the meat and what really matters.

“Inspiring, timely, relevant to your life!”

A fantastic deep dive into the inner lives of some incredible ordinary people, showing the power of each of us has to transcend and make a positive contribution despite inevitable hardship.


The way these stories weave challenges and inspiration together is nothing short of courageous. I enjoyed all these stories and can’t wait for more.

“Life changing for the listener.”

The interviews on the podcasts will leave you forever changed. The experience each guest shares will leave you looking at the world in a whole different way and with a renewed sense of gratitude. I can’t wait to binge listen to all these episodes.

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