As a teenager—

when I was told I was bi-polar, three things immediately flew through my mind:

First I felt shame.
Then I felt fear.
And then I hid. 

The shame came from the label itself – it felt like a life sentence, something I would never be able to outrun or outgrow. The fear sprung from knowing that if anyone discovered my diagnosis, their perceptions about me would change forever.  I would be put in a box. I would never reach my dreams. And so what did I do next? I put myself in the box. I hid away, in a shadow of my own making. And that is where I stayed, for years. 

I see your pain

I see your magic.

These are the words I wished someone had said to me in those early days of living with bipolar disorder. To look beyond the label and into the beating heart of who I was… and still am.

 A person: complex and layered.

Filled with imagination and hope. Eager to share my ideas and opinions. A person having a uniquely human experience in this one life I get.  A person with a story to tell and a journey to share.


I believe that when we tell our truth, we create awareness and contribute to healing. We discover our power and our purpose and lead others to uncover theirs. 

It’s my passion to create space for others who want to step out of their shadows and into their light. By amplifying these voices, giving them the space to be heard, we all have a better shot at being human.

I created my podcast

All The Wiser,  as a platform for stories. Hosting it helped me find my voice and showed me how the prism of my life experiences shine color and light on everyone else’s journey.  I realized these are the gems I can share to make someone else’s life richer, easier, better. This is how I light the path.


The experience of being fully seen, once you get there, is amazing. Allowing yourself to be seen is sometimes a life’s work. I want you

 to know that we support you in your journey of stepping out of darkness, away from your shadows and into the light of loving yourself and letting others love you …for who you truly are. 

With gratitude,

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